I have been following Sweet Juniper‘s dad in my Google Reader for a couple of months and always enjoy his take on parenthood.  I love the fact that he rigged a cart for his dog to pull his kids on (something my bush dog would NOT take to…squirrel?  what’s that?  squirrel?  where?), that he builds kick-ass snow sculptures for his children (I have no excuse. I’m lazy and don’t feel like adding water to our dry snow in the winter) and that he is a big supporter of local business and is genuinely trying to do something for his city.  This project of seedbombs, coupled with his mission to hand out cameras to Detroit youth, really got to me.  I love our riverwalk – a stroke of far-sightedness that is rare in City Halls anywhere – but I often think about planting random bulbs along the way.  The deer, of course, would eat all the tulips and I would have to time it juuuust riiiight…so I’m thinking seed bombs are the way to go.  Let me know if you’re up for a little urban renegade gardening in Q-town.